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Want to Sell Your House



Sell Your House


Here are  home seller tips to help sell your house. Inland Empire home sellers, have you ever heard about staging a home or wondered whether it was important to Stage a home?

It has become common place knowledge that homes which are Staged sell quicker and usually for more than the ones that are not staged. Read what the 5 Keys are to Selling Your house…


There are 5 key items that are important when Selling a house.

  1. PRICE, Price, price
  2. Condition
  3. Timing
  4. Ease of Showing (that means you need a lockbox, appointments do NOT help sell a house)
  5. Location


When you look at the four important points to selling a house, you have control over the first four.


Pricing Your Home Correctly is Key


If priced too high, no one will come nor will they make an offer. Its extremely important to be priced correctly. The longer it takes for a Sacramento home seller to become acquainted with the market, the less chance you have of selling in a reasonable amount of time for the amount that you want.


Inland Empire home buyers are interested in homes that have not been on the market for long periods of time while  home sellers familiarize themselves with the correct asking price. It is vital to price yourself correctly.


Better the Condition of the House Better the Price


Now, we come to the Condition of the house. That’s where staging comes into play. I personally help my Inland Empire home sellers with their home staging. However, there are companies that offer staging services and would be more than happy to help stage your house.


Fixing some things and making cost-effective improvements will help to sellyourhouse. Replace that old hardware on your front door.  How about the crusty faucets“ replace faucets.   Painting always helps, buy some inexpensive throw rugs with color to brighten a dull room or add some colorful pillows to a sofa.


Do you still have the same light fixtures that came with the house? You might want to update light fixtures for a new modern look. If your carpet looks dirty, try professionally cleaning it and if its worn, its time to replace it or credit a Inland Empire home buyer the cost of replacing the carpet.


Home buyers will notice! Remember that if you dont like something about your house, or if you’ve always wanted to change something the home buyers will feel the same way and they will leave your house to find one that has replaced, fixed and improved their home.


There are ways to update a kitchen without total replacement, such as new kitchen knobs on the cabinets, painting older cabinet doors, adding new appliances and painting walls.  Remember, a neutral shade of paint is always best.


If you have the extra money you might want to consider updating the flooring. It might not be a total renovation but it will shine.    I tell all of my Inland Empire home sellers we want to SHINE. Inland Empire home buyers have a difficult time visualizing how a house might look with improvements and let’s face it the Real Estate market has changed.


Now, most home buyers are not willing to pay to improve a house. They know that there is little appreciation at this point and they want a house that does not require a lot of work. It is in your best interest to spend the time and the money for small improvements on your house before putting it on the market for sale.


Experienced Realtor


An experienced Inland Empire Realtor® will know what your neighborhood market expects. We are here to help make sure that your home sells in the least amount of time, in the best condition that it can be and for the correct market value. And then advertise on the Internet.  You want to make sure that the Realtor® you chose has a good presence on the web and home buyers can find homes for sale , like yours.  Have you tried to Google your Realtor and see how many pages Google has for their name?


New home builders play a huge roll in what the price of your house will sell for. Be sure to take a look at what the builders are asking for new houses and the incentives that they are offering. Just because you have a backyard, does not compute spending more in the home buyers eyes.


First Impressions Are Important


Remember, the first impression the Inland Empire home buyer has of your house,  is the front of the house. How’s the yard? Is it manicured, colorful and trimmed? Does your house need painting? Do you park cars all over the driveway and in the front of the house?


These things give a first impression to your home buyer.  What impression do you want to give?


Time Your Home For Sale


Timing is important. You want to place your house for sale when everyone else isn’t on the market. The one exception to that rule is if your neighbor has their house over priced, slip right in at the right price and watch how fast your house will sell. The over priced home helps to sell all the other homes for sale.


Ease of Availability is Essential When Selling House


Last but not least is the Ease in Showing. Since there are so many houses for sale. It is vital that you have a lockbox and easy showing instructions. You need to be flexible to the home buyers schedule so that your house is shown.


Many Inland Empire home sellers are unaware that when a Realtor® calls to make an appointment for a showing and the seller indicates that it is not convenient at that time, the Realtor® simply chooses another home for sale to show. Don’t let that happen to you,  be flexible and willing to be shown. Don’t put a bunch of restrictions on showing your house.


If you follow your Realtor’s advice, the Realtor® promotes and advertises your property, has a good presence on the Internet and knows how to pimp your home, you should have very little trouble selling your house.