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Home Seller Tips


Inland Empire home sellers, here are some home seller tips in preparing your home for sale that will help have buyers fall in love with your house.


Let’s start at the beginning, the very first step in preparing to purchase a home in the Inland Empire.Inland Empire Home Sales .


First, start boxing up all those little trinkets and family photos. No need to have everything you own in the closets. Only keep a few seasonal clothing items and box up the rest.


That way, your closets look spacious and inviting.


Seasonal decorations are another item to pack away. Dishes and glassware that are not used daily should also be packed away. Remember, you’re moving, so now is a great time to start packing. If at all possible the best solution for all the boxes is to find a storage unit away from your house but if that is not feasible than neatly store the boxes and extras in the garage.


Its a good idea to also cut down on some of the furniture that you have so Sacramento home buyers can easily maneuver and imagine their furniture in each of the rooms.


The goal is NOT to look or feel crowded.


  • Walls need to be seen.
  • Doors need to openly freely.
  • Light fixtures should be updated


A thorough cleaning including windows inside and out as well as all light fixtures (remember to check and replace burnt out bulbs).   These are obvious fixes.  Otherwise, Inland Empire home buyers don’t know if the electrical is working or if it’s just a burnt out bulb.   Don’t leave the home buyer wondering!


Make sure that your home smells good,  not with fake smells but CLEAN smells. For a nice smell you might want to purchase some bounce sheets and put them in drawers, closets, behind strategic areas and trash containers after you clean.


Perhaps an interior paint job is needed for sprucing up or fixing some of those quirky things that you’ve lived with for a long time but just never got around to fixing.  Remember, the Inland Empire home buyer sees those quirky things!


Inland Empire home sellers, once you have completed your tasks, drive by your home as a home buyer would and walk through with home buyer eyes. Chances are if you see something that needs improvement, your home buyers will too.


Many Inland Empire Realtors, like me, help home sellers stage their homes and give pointers for better showings. We’ve been doing it for years long before it was the rage and called “staging.”


For additional decorating and gardening tips go to Useful Information. Professional Home Stagers in our area can not only help you by using the furniture that you currently own but they can also bring in furniture. Here are a couple of businesses in our area; 


When I list a house for sale , as your Inland Empire Realtor®I provide as part of my service a room to room detailed plan of what you can do to better sell your house. For more tips on Staging and preparing your home for sale, contact the Goodspeed Group Inc. (760) 245-4100 or fill out the contact form and I’ll give you a call to set-up an appointment.