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Christine Felgar

Christine FelgarChristine Felgar
Real Estate Agent

I was born near St. Louis Missouri then moved to the west coast in 1998. I appreciate and understand the contrast between the midwest and west coast cultures. I married my husband in March 2000, and we now have 20 years and 2 beautiful girls together. My favorite parts of the high desert are the snow capped mountains and the breath taking sunrises and sun sets.

I am a second generation real estate agent and established myself in real estate in this area in 2005. I am surrounding myself with professionals and I expect to be a resource for you here in the high desert. I am so confident that I will not only do a great job for you, but I will also be the one you turn to the next time you want to buy or sell. I love Jesus and will do my best for you as if I was working for Him.


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